Help Your Teen With Depression: Benefits Of E-Counseling




Today, we have come to the age when the world is at the tap of a finger. You could go shopping, dating, banking, and a lot more just by the use of the internet. It’s like our life is now on a device. Sometimes, this can be a disadvantage because it makes us dependent and sedentary which causes more harm than good. We always turn to technology instead of seeking help from real people.

One good thing about the advancement in technology nowadays is the availability of online therapies for people who are reluctant to seek help personally. Some people, especially teens, prefer solace and would undoubtedly benefit from online counseling and treatment.

This kind of method would make counseling and therapy beneficial especially for the introvert and the shy-type. Its advantages contribute to the effectiveness of the program.


Benefits Of Online Counseling And Therapy To Our Teens:

  • Online therapy is readily available. You just go online, and you’ll be able to find various sites that offer counseling and therapy services. It is for this reason that teens would be less likely to have time to hesitate or delay. Once you have enrolled or signed up for a program, you will have your schedule right away.


  • Sometimes, we don’t go to where we’re supposed to go because of the inconvenience it will cause us. We think about the transportation and the travel time going to and from the place of our therapist. You may be sitting all throughout but considering what you have to do to have your therapy session is sometimes a hindrance as one might prefer spending his time resting rather than going through the hassle.”What I also learned very quickly is how many people in the world lack access to quality mental health care, either because they live in remote places in their home countries, or because they reside abroad surrounded by a culture that makes them feel alienated and alone,” said Joseph Burgo, PhD.


  • Teens nowadays are attached to their phones or laptops. It’s like their best friend. It makes online therapies very appropriate. It is somehow a not so new experience for them. It’s just like talking to their friends on the phone. It will allow them to be more comfortable and open up better because they are used to this.


  • Some of us find this situation where we have to seek the help of therapists quite embarrassing, especially the teens. Online therapy provides a sense of security and anonymity. They don’t have to worry about being seen by their schoolmates when they go to a therapist’s clinic.


  • Aside from all the advantages mentioned above, online therapies may cost less than face-to-face sessions, but there are things you need to secure before deciding to get your teen to online counseling.




If you opt to get your teen to an e-counseling or online therapy, make sure that you get the best service by knowing essential details like:

  • Credentials of therapist
  • Terms of payment
  • Role as parent
  • Contact person in case of emergency
  • Confidentiality of your child’s case

“Ask good questions, like: How does the process usually work? Is there a timeline? What does it cost? What kind of follow-up, referral, or other services do you offer? Have you dealt with issues like mine before? How do you think you can be most helpful to me?” said Jane Adams, PhD.

Everything around us has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s about our personal preferences, and at the end of the day, parents only want the best for their children.

“While certainly there can be disadvantages of teletherapy such as brief connection issues, or missing visual cues (i.e., I have seen many clients hobble into session with a twisted ankle that I typically would not see on a computer screen), even isolation, the advantages are also plentiful,” said Goali Saedi Bocci, PhD.

So whether you choose a face-to-face session or an online therapy, the result is what matters and that is to better the condition of your child.