Family Counseling – Signs Of Toxic Sibling Relationship

A toxic sibling relationship is one of most family issues that get overlooked. No one considers it a dysfunctional family dynamic as everyone believes it to be normal and manageable. However, not everyone knows that a toxic sibling relationship can be detrimental to one’s emotional well-being and mental health. It is entirely difficult to determine whether the siblings are just fond of being playful or genuinely manipulative and somewhat abusive. Fortunately, there are signs that families can use as their guidelines.

Taking All The Advantage

Every family relationship deals with unfairness and inequality. Sadly, people will immediately notice a toxic sibling relationship when one always gets what he wants while the other endures giving in all the time. These toxic siblings always expect to be saved regardless of the consequences of their actions. They require their other sibling to take the fall whenever they did something wrong. Though some people might see this as a heroic act, it is genuinely damaging to the victim’s mental and emotional health. And the fact that a person’s siblings don’t care about his life is considered abusive and immature.


Disrespecting Personal Boundaries

There is a huge misconception when someone asks for personal space, especially when it involves a family relationship. It is considered a selfish act for wanting to be isolated or separated from people in the house. Some may think of it as unnecessary since family members should spend time with each other often. But it is essential to note that toxic sibling relationships start with disrespecting personal boundaries. Usually, toxic siblings will feel so entitled to make the other one’s rights feel less important. Therefore, they wouldn’t care if they disrespect or invade someone else personal space.

Making Others Feel Anxious

Toxic siblings usually have unpredictable behaviors that can make their brother or sister anxious. Even the thought of seeing them or getting an inch near them makes the person want to run and hide. This particular feeling of avoiding toxic siblings can ruin the person’s life as the victim continues to avoid situations involving these individuals. Other family members might notice the person’s uncomfortable feeling when there’s a consistent attempt to avoid family gatherings. There is an obvious dreadful aura that makes the person always feel on edge around the toxic siblings.


Manipulating Behaviors 

Toxic individuals are very good at manipulating others mentally and emotionally. But it tends to get worse when those individuals happen to be part of the family. Since they know too much information about their brother or sister, these toxic siblings may use those important data to control the victim whenever they want. In some instances, even if toxic siblings know their brother or sister’s greatest fear and insecurities, they wouldn’t care as long as they can use those negative attributes to their advantage. In worse cases, these toxic people would take control over something important so that the victim can give in and depend more on them.

Too Exhausting To Be Around

One of the worst things in a toxic sibling relationship is the victim getting mental and emotional issues due to the siblings always being around. It makes the person lose interest in life because of the siblings’ demand to only listen to them and comply with their wants and needs. These toxic people will dump all the negativity onto the victim, leaving nothing but trauma, heartache, stress, and discomfort. In addition, toxic siblings are exhausting to spend time with because they will use the victim’s inabilities to cope with their imperfections.


Having Unhealthy Rivalry 

There is a serious toxic sibling relationship in the family when children tend to fight over their worth. Yes, rivalry can be a great thing, especially if it can contribute to everyone’s overall development. However, if it gets to used only to outshine the other person, that can be detrimental to one’s psychological and emotional health. Toxic siblings will focus only on a limited amount of success or achievement and often get accompanied by psychological stress and physical aggression. In addition, toxic siblings negatively acting on this unhealthy rivalry may desire more favors and entitlement from the other siblings.

Not Wanting To Be Around

One of the worst toxic sibling relationships that one can experience is being betrayed or left alone by the people who are supposed to be there in times of need. Often, manipulative and toxic siblings would only care about themselves and use their brother or sister to their advantage. But family members would know that there’s a dysfunction in the unit once the toxic ones do not want anything to do with their sibling. These individuals would rather distance themselves to that person and only come back to their lives once everything is already settled.