Things Teenagers Should Realize


In today’s generation, we can all agree that teens are more independent. They know what they want in life, and they try hard to achieve their goals. There are times they get mistreated and judged because of their way of seeing things, but it does not bother them. They know how to handle pressure because they get to live with it. Sometimes, some of them are vulnerable, but most are not quitters. In that sense, these individuals know their worth. However, it is not okay that they know what they only want to know. These kids should look into the essential things in life that will become useful in their future endeavor.

Sorry Is Not Enough

One thing that teens should always remember is that sorry is never enough. Yes, an apology can be accepted, but it does not end there. There is a full obligation to remove doubts, emotional, and mental damage that associate to a particular mistake. Note that not because people expect teens to commit mistakes, they are allowed to do it multiple times. There are considerations, and there are also punishments that get required every time they commit an error.


“People are much better off to apologize and take responsibility for their actions than try and make excuses or deny they’ve made a mistake,” said psychological researcher Jeremy Dean. “Psychological research backs up the everyday intuition that excuses and denials just irritate others.”

Commitment Matters

The problem with teenagers’ these days is not the hindrances in achieving their goals. It is not also about the types of ambition they aim for a successful future. Instead, it is their attitude towards doing and working on it. You see, teenagers want a lot of things. But sometimes, they no longer can handle everything. With that, they lose motivation and concentration. So before they should attempt bringing more ideas into the table, they must first focus on committing and succeeding to one.

“Studies in humans have made clear that people with stronger social networks have greater longevity. In order to build a strong social network you need to be capable of making commitments,” said psychotherapist and author Philippa Perry.

Responsibility Is A Priority

99% of failure often comes from those individuals who have the habit of making tons of excuses. Yes, not all teens are like that. However, more than half of them love procrastination. It seems like there is an overflowing of confidence out of nowhere that these children thought they could control time. Teenagers must understand the value of not delaying essential things. They must learn to increase their self-awareness and be responsible at all cost. They must organize and prioritize to can use their potential wisely.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words


A lot of teens already know this, and perhaps all of them agree to this. However, not all young adults are brave enough to consider their actions. Mostly those individuals who are self-proclaimed depend on their words. They are good at manipulating people into believing and trusting them. On the better side, a few know how to stick with their principles. These are the ones that should become a role model to those other teenagers who can’t seem to put their words into action

It is not that teenagers are bad people. They happen to have a different perspective on the things around them. Society sees it complicated because everything for these kids appears way too uncomplicated.

“The best way to teach moral behavior is not by preaching morality and punishing immorality, but by living morally,” said Izzy Kalman, national certified school psychologist. “If we want children to grow up acting morally, we can’t be hypocrites.”