Therapists Can Help Parents Deal With School Violence

No one can dispute the fact that every one of us experiences a broad range of hardship in our own personal lives and within the core of our existence.   


We Unknowingly Cause Problems For Ourselves 

The most significant challenge everyone faces is to overcome the trials we brought to ourselves. The very beginning of one’s understanding is the start of one’s potential problems.  As early as childhood or adolescent stage, a child begins to gather a whole lot of experiences that are new to him.  He begins to encounter different lives and sometimes influenced by different perspectives from people that are currently in his social circle.  

The moment he commits to the life, he now has and is expected to want something more for himself and for the future which may cause many potential arrays of problems whether personal, family, social and school life. This expectation and desire to commit more of what he currently has can lead to the possible distress of his well-being and results in more life-questioning decisions and failures.  


Every Child Can Feel Misfit  

Reaching the adolescent stage may be crucial for a child; it is the stage where he craves to know more about life and is curious about what is ahead.  



When we are growing up, our parents instilled in our minds that education is the only way for us to be successful in life, that it is a guarantee to excel in things we choose to do.  But when schooling becomes the primary factor of distress in the wellbeing of a child, this is where the trouble starts.  When the child is not able to pass a subject when he gets bullied because of how he looks, and if the child suddenly has the realization that he doesn’t want to fit any more in the class, this can be more of an ultimatum in a youngster’s mind, and then problems arise.  

“When these sorts of things happen, there are a couple of questions that kids have: How does this affect me?” said child psychologist Dr. Ellen Braaten. “How is this going to affect my daily life?”

Parents often get very serious when it comes to issues about their kids’ schooling.   The expectation of a parent to his child or teen can end up in a ruined relationship.  For a brave child to stand his ground to the society full of expectations from family, school, social and personal aspects, of the social, the child may come to a conclusion that he has to excel in school, be disciplined, or that he has to fight and resort to a more violent approach.  

A child will often try to fit in, and often the problems arise once a child becomes violent thinking it would make him belong.   This is the most painful struggle for parents where they often feel lost as to how to deal with their child.  


Therapists can help parents deal with their kids getting involved in school violence through various interventions. A parent can undergo counseling with a therapist in order to learn how to deal with teens, talk about ways on how to interact with them when failures strike and be part and give guidance to the crucial learning days ahead for the teen.  

“What causes a child to walk into his or her school with an intent to harm the students and adults? Rage, a sense of powerlessness and despair. Therefore, the key to ending school violence is to provide children with emotional help,” said Meri Wallace, LCSW.

Parents can be very busy at work and other things and sometimes forget the proper ways on how to handle problems of their children in school, in life and personal issues like friends and classmates. It is good to have a therapist by your side, someone who will give you insights when you see your children being troubled at school or even outside.

“Start the conversation by asking questions like, ‘What have you heard? What are your friends saying? How does it make you feel?’” said child psychiatrist Dr. Joanna Lindell. “Their answers will provide insight into how the child is coping.”

School violence starts at home by your way of handling the problems you have with your kids.  But the more you love and guide your children as they go through their hardships and trials, the easier it will be for them to beat this troubling stage of their lives, hopefully preventing them from taking the path to becoming violent.