Social Awareness In The 2014 Cleveland Youth Challenges Symposium

The discussion on the 2014 Cleveland Youth Challenges Symposium brings together all concern people and its community. It tackles the individual pressing challenges that youths are facing nowadays. Since there are so many changes in different perspectives regarding youth social point of reference, experts, as well as participants, become interested in addressing the effect of the adverse social environment.


Youths And Their Issues

In the last conference, issues like out-of-school youths, drugs and alcohol abuses, crime-related acts, and even human teen trafficking become the basis of the dialogue. The highly interactive presentation of each topic creates a difference in teens’ social approach and interaction. And since most youths are not aware of the consequences of their failed decisions in life, the provoking communication across ages is the main priority of the symposium.

The event gathers participants that are willing to learn more about rational responses concerning the inclusion of youth programs and mental health services. There’s also a handed out resources available to victims and survivors of teen trafficking, as well as the results of some other adolescent crime involvement. The discussion also talks about the understanding of youth policy and initiatives where they can practice creating a solid perspective of what kids want for their future.


The role of awareness and prevention in addressing youth-related pressing issues require collaboration with the different sectors of the government as well as the private ones. Since the organizations aim to help out kids who experience difficulties in life, the involved project must present an overview of what the youth needs to learn so its outreach can impact others too. Meaning, the empowerment should reach not only the ones who are interested in changing their lives but also encourage those youths that are not aware of the design and implementation of the many available advocacies.