Raising Children In Traditional Upbringing

Source: pexels.com

Source: pexels.com

Parenting is one of the most intricate jobs in the world. It does not have a pause, it doesn’t follow specific rules, and it is not something all of us can do regularly. If anyone thinks that a certain amount of discipline is comfortably okay, then these people should think twice. I said that because there are times, even though we are now in a technological era, raising kids traditionally still means a lot. But, what can kids say about this? What are their thoughts?

The Reality

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The thing is, parents who are currently raising children traditionally appear to be judged by most people. That is because children are having a hard battle with what is currently approved by society and what tends to be useful years ago. There is the presence of inequality in some areas that happen to be unnoticeable. That is especially when raising males and females.

“Men are equally unprepared for their own implicit assertion of privilege – of the implications of being raised in a world that favours their comforts and ambitions over girls’ and, later, women’s,” said psychologist Darcy Lockman.

In most traditional upbringing, men are always the head of the family. They are the ones accountable for catering to the needs of all the members of the unit. They get more favored because of their ability, strength, calmness, and power. But women, on the other hand, get destined to lock obedience to their male counterparts. The problem with this type of belief is the duty and responsibilities of women often signify domestic chores and diligent studies.

“You might care what the kid dresses like, and I might care that homework gets done perfectly,” notes Sheryl Ziegler, PsyD. “Couples need to have a discussion about what’s important to them as a family and what’s important to them individually.”

In unfortunate cases, traditionally raised women to subject themselves to spend only a couple of hours with parents’ approved friends. Yes, some may say that it is not that horrible as it may seem because up until today, males are still more dominant. However, women of today are already empowered, and that gave them an edge at some point.

Source: pixabay.com

When it comes to raising women in traditional ways, parents are often strict. Honestly, that is not a bad thing at all. With all the dangers lurking out there, it can easily harm and take away women’s value. That is why it is scary for parents to allow their kids instant freedom. That is the reason why strict supervision becomes a necessity. But the issue here is not the real danger out there. It is the males’ upbringing that often tells them they can do anything whatever they want. The idea that they are born capable is the cause of female endangerment. But then, society doesn’t seem to bother noticing it because they are too focused on creating a more dominant class of male individuals.

The Thoughts

What seems to be an issue in women’s understanding relies on the inequality of traditional upbringing. Most parents who believe in conventional ways overlook the importance of balance in career, studies, sports, domestic tasks, and life choices of their female kids. Honestly, these little adults feel confused as to what they can and cannot do. With that, they often do not feel like living a healthy life. I don’t want to sound feminist, but the truth is, society is to blame for this kind of state. Honestly, though there are women who already proved people wrong, most of the public still consider the traditional ways.

“To me, a society is a reflection of what happens at home. And, if we want a society based on equality, we must first build a home based on equality, as well,” said clinical psychologist Mariana Plata.