How To Discourage Teen Sex

It was my parents fear’ when I was in my adolescent years, and I fear the same now that I have a teenager in our home.  I cannot imagine my daughter engaging in sexual activity at such an early age.




Moreover, it is much more stress for me now because of the influence of social media and the internet.

According to the 2015 survey, 41% of the high school students are reported to engage in sexual activities.  Teen sex often leads to early pregnancy, getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases,  and other moral issues that may burden teenagers.


It is a given fact that you cannot be with your teenager all the time and you cannot always watch over them, but there are ways to discourage them from becoming sexually active at an early age.




Instill In Teenagers Good Values And Beliefs By Being Their Good Example

What you do, your beliefs and your values have a tremendous impact on your kids.   They have the tendency to imitate you, especially when it comes to the issues of sex and ways on how to interact with the opposite sex.

Be clear with your teenager on your position when it comes to teenage sex and sex before marriage.  You can tell her your own experience as a teenager, and what she can learn from that experience.  At an early age, prepare her by discussing the difference between love and lust and explain how the two can confuse your kid.  It is always best when your kid learns her first lesson regarding this issue at home and not somewhere else.

“And this, my friends, is the key: talk to your children. Talk to them early and talk to them often. It may be insanely awkward for all parties involved, but you’ll be glad you did,” said Sara Villanueva, PhD.

Be Always Aware Of What Your Child Is Doing

Teenage years are when the child tends to engage in risky activities (calling them adventure), sex included.  To prevent unnecessary things from happening, always have someone to look after them when you will be late from work or let them stay in a friend’s place or their grandparents’.

Get to know your teen’s friends and their parents, and set boundaries on who is allowed in the house when no adult is around.  Peer pressure often pushes a teenager to become sexually active.

“Most parents don’t like it that they have to raise adolescents in a sexually active world any more than they like it that they have to raise adolescents in a drug-filled world, but that’s how the world is,” said Carl E. Pickhardt, PhD.

Knowing what your teenager is doing, who she is with, and where she does not only discourage her from involving herself in sexual activity but can also prevent her from doing other risky activities.




Communicate With Your Teenagers Possible Consequences

Talking to your teen (be sure not to sound judgmental or insinuating something) can be your best line of defense to prevent your teenager from doing sex.   Set examples if you know someone who has done it and how things did not turn out well.

Express moral values when it comes to sex, and talk about health problems that might arise from being sexually active like getting pregnant or having sexually transmitted diseases.  Tell your teenager some real stories as I said earlier, like news reports.  Explain how it will affect her future and her dreams.

“If you’re anxious about having “the talk,” a spouse, cousin, or family friend is a fine substitute. The more teens know about sex, the less likely they are to be impulsive or engage in risky behavior,” said Sean Grover, LCSW.

Falling in love is hard, and knowing the difference between love and lust is much harder.   It is a confusing thing not only for teenagers but even with adults.  Instilling in your child right values, letting her know her boundaries clearly, and establishing open communication about this sensitive topic can help her think first before actually engaging in sex or any other risky behaviors.