Mother And Daughter Bonding — 4 Halloween Nail Ideas Worth Trying


Since moms are typically the ones who are with their kids 24/7, they tend to feel the love and the frustration of the growing children more than the dads.

When they refuse to let the kids go on a playdate, for instance, the mothers seem like the baddie, even though their spouse has contributed to this decision as well.

“Focus your energy toward getting to know your children’s friends and educating your children on how to make good friends,” said Francyne Zeltser, PhD. “Set up play dates or enroll them in extra-curricular activities and talk to your child after the event about how he thinks it went.”

Worse, if the teenage daughter becomes forbidden to start dating as she’s supposed to study first, the fun-spoiler is always the mom. Dealing with all these issues is enough to push parents to set an appointment with a licensed therapist, to be honest. Nevertheless, learning to cope with mother-and-daughter problems is not the only thing you have to do. Mental health professionals may agree with me when I say that you need to mend your relationship with your kid.

“There is great value in the mother-daughter tie because the two parties care for one another and share a strong investment in the family as a whole,” said Karen Fingerman, PhD.

Not only will it ensure that your babies will still want to see you even when they are much older, but it will also save you from a lot of stress.

“Don’t wait for the other person to make the first move,” said Linda Mintle, PhD, marriage and family therapist. “Think about how you feel in the relationship and what you can do to change.”

Enter: Halloween nail ideas.

Say What?

Halloween is perhaps one of the special occasions that kids of all ages love. It is not as colorful as Christmas or as present-filled as their birthday, but everyone gets to put on crazy or scary costumes and earn praises for their style. As for the older children who still love Halloween but merely wish to dress up their nails to avoid seeming childish, though, you can offer to paint their nails and get creative with it.

Here are a few Halloween nail art ideas that you should try while the actual celebration is still several months away.


Googly Eyes

If this is just the first time you are considering to design nails, the googly eyes will suit you well. The colors you need to get are black, orange, and white. The application of the black polish is the same as how you would usually paint your nails. As for the design, however, there are two things you can do.

One technique is to use the orange nail polish all over the nails, create the white part of the eyes a smaller brush, and then draw the pupils with a black marker. The other option is to purchase a nail art pen so that you only have to draw the white portion. In case you want the super easy method, however, you may buy the three-dimensional googly eyes from a craft store and glue them on your black-painted nails.


This design is basically for the people who cannot let go of brightness in their lives even through nail art but still want to join in the festivities. Halloween nail ideas like this do not require you to stick to these specific pastel colors if you are not a fan of them. They have to be a lighter shade, period. You may or may not use different hues as well. When you have picked the color(s) you like, apply two coats on your nails and let them dry before you draw the bats. Top the design with a glittery or matte top coat for a subtle effect.

Gradient Blood

In case you are not into loud designs, you can keep things in style with gradient nail art. Of course, the best example of this is the color of blood. The top of the nails should have an image that depicts what fresh blood looks like. Then, the color darkens as you reach the tip. All you need for this art are a little flat sponge and different shades of red. Make the gradient on the sponge before dabbing it on your fingers until you get the desired style. Just be aware that it can be a messy process, so cover the skin around the nails with tape, liquid latex, or even Elmer’s glue before you begin.


Scary Scramble

If you have this nudging thought that there are so many amazing Halloween nail ideas to choose from, and you are quite the artistic prodigy, no one will stop you from doing a diverse design on each of your fingernails. This is the perfect time for you to bring out your love for scary things; that’s why you should plan how you want to do it ahead of time. The styles can be easily made when you have trusty nail art pens. Hence, it would feel as if you are painting, except for the fact that your canvas is your nails.


May these nail design ideas inspire you to dress up your nails and bring you and your daughter closer to each other. Cheers!