Our History

The Hawaii Foster Youth Coalition (HFYC) is a youth-led statewide organization that advocates for improvements in the foster care system, provides education on the needs of foster children and resources for transitioning foster youth, and supports youth in and from care, ages 14 – 26, through state and local youth board meetings and community service projects.

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A Youth Board On Every Island

Since the Coalition revisited its mission with renewed passion, changes were made to better support youth on each Island and have a greater impact statewide.  The statewide youth board voted to establish a board on each Island that is dedicated to engaging youth with resources, educating others, and doing community service activities in local communities.  A statewide board will continue to provide annual strategic plans for the organization as a whole and meet quarterly to support local boards with implementing strategic plans.  Local boards will meet monthly to plan for community service projects and youth engagement activities.

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Highlights: Finding Family

HFYC State Board Meeting and Annual Strategic Planning happened on Oahu August 31, September 1 & 2, 2013.  The board meeting brough us all closer together and made us clearer aout the meaning and purpose of HFYC.  Our commitment and focus was strengthened through developing statewide and local work plans.  We were inspired and comforted, affirming that HFYC is not just an organization dedicated to foster youth empowerment, we are a family.  ”I am looking for a family.  Every foster youth has lost a family and needs a family.  That is why we are here and what keeps us going.” James

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New Developments

The Voluntary Care to 21 act passed the legislature this year and will become active July 2014.  The state is involving as many youth as possible to get input on the policies and procedures that will be established to implement this law.  HFYC is actively involved, setting up and participating in focus groups with local board members on each Island.  This will give youth an opportunity to remain in care up to the age of 21 if they qualify.  To qualify, a youth will need to be in higher education or vocational training, working at least 80 hours a month, or unable to do the first time due to a disability.  It’s a great opportunity for transitioning foster youth to avoid the perils of homelessness after turning 18.  Now is the time for youth to speak up and let your voices be heard.  What will make this new resource appeal to you and work for you? Post here or at Foster Youth Speak.

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Hawaii Foster Youth Coalition Videos


HFYC Survivor Edition


10 Reasons to Join

  • Make a lot of new friends
  • Have fun
  • Take control of your future
  • Help yourself and other youth in foster care
  • Become a leader
  • Access to resources for you
  • Attend valuable workshops and trainings
  • Potential for travel
  • Potential for job skills training
  • Your chance to make changes and improve the foster care system for future foster youth

Our Mission

The Hawaii Foster Youth Coalition is a youth-led organization that has a mission to empower youth voice within the community and state to advocate and support current and former displaced youth.